Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Sweet Husband

So, over the last two days Garrett has come home with little surprises for me. He brought me flowers on Tuesday and on Wednesday he made me a card. He is such a good artist and he knows I love it when he draws me pictures. He is so sweet and I love him so much! He's so good with the boys and they love their daddy so much. I am so lucky to have him as my husband.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Cute Pictures

I am finally updating! I have been so busy lately. Here is a little update on the boys.

Corban ~ He turned 3 1/2 on March 2nd. I made him a cake and he thought it was so cool. He is so smart. School is going really well for him and he loves it. He is really into animals and wildlife. He loves to watch the discovery channel and loves Survivor Man. He just got some legos and he plays with them for hours. He builds all kinds of animals and robots and can build anything you ask him to. He is in primary now and it is amazing all the things he is learning there. He loves to say the dinner prayer and blesses the bears and things like that, it's so cute! He also knows almost all the words to So What by Pink. We sing it to Garrett all the time. Ha ha. He is such a good big brother to Jayce and is always so cute with him. Jayce gets so excited when Corban walks into the room. He's such a good kid and I don't know what I'd do without him.

Jayce ~ Jayce is now 7 1/2 months old and it is amazing how fast time flies. He has been sitting up on his own for awhile now and loves it because he can play. We are trying to get him to crawl and he can get on all fours, but he then decides to roll over. He's so funny. He can say Mama, Dada and No No. He still doesn't have any teeth. We are waiting for that to come. Corban had 2 when he was 4 months old. It's funny how different they are. Jayce is such a good little eater and loves to eat everything in sight. He can feed himself any finger food I put in front of him and he'll even share. He is so sweet and loves to be held. He growls when he gets mad and it's so funny. We love having him in our family and can't imagine life without him.

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Matt is engaged!!

My brother, Matt, got engaged to Samantha on his birthday, March 15th. She was in Utah visiting him for spring break. I am so excited for them! She is so cute and fun and I am excited to have her in our family. They are so perfect for each other. Matt is going to the University of Utah to be a Mining Engineer and Sam is going to West Virginia University to be a Mining Engineer also. They are planning to get married next summer sometime.

Matt and Sam

Her ring is so pretty!

Utah trip

We went to Utah again in February for my Aunt Laurie's and my mother-in-law, Tricia's 50th surprise birthday parties. We stayed for 2 weeks and had so much fun, but it went by so fast. I have posted a few pictures of our trip.
Corban fell asleep on the plane listening to my ipod.

Jayce asleep on the plane.

The kids watching an alligator eat a mouse.

Dakota playing basketball. They won the whole tournament while we were there.

Corban and his Laney.

Jayce and Aunt Laurie dancing.