Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa Branch

My Grandma and Grandpa came to Pennsylvania for a visit from Utah for 2 weeks! They left yesterday and I really miss them! We had such a good time with them while they were here and it really makes me homesick for Utah and my family. Thank goodness I have my parents here. It was so much fun to visit and have them one on one. Corban really misses them and keeps asking me to go to Grandma's house to see Grandma and Grandpa "Ranch."

Grandpa and Grandma in the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, NY.

Garrett took Grandpa to the Pirates vs. Yankees game in a suite. They stayed dry because there was a big storm that caused the game to be rained out and they were inside.

Me and my Grandpa. I love him so much!

Corban helping Grandma cut cucumbers.

Corban picked a special flower from Grandma's yard to give to Grandma Ranch.

Peter Pan

Corban has been watching Peter Pan and is always playing Peter Pan and Captain Hook with whoever will play with him. We were at the Disney Store the other day and we found this costume set and he just had to have it!

Peter Pan

Trapper wants to play too!

I think he was trying to cut off Jonas' foot to feed it to the crocodile.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan fight!


This is my dog Trapper. He lives at my mom and dad's. I just thought this was a cute picture because Corban loves him so much! Corban has taken Trapper over as his dog and goes to my parent's house to play with him all the time. Trapper had just gone to the groomer and I was on the phone to my mom so I told her to bring Trapper over to surprise Corban while he was in the bath tub. He was so happy as you can see he had to get out and love his dog.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


We took a trip to Virginia with my family and Jonas' friend Chris. Consol owns a lodge down there with a lot of property and a pond for fishing. When Jonas and Chris were fishing they caught a huge turtle. It was really mean! All the boys posed for a picture to show off their catch.
It was so much fun down there! My dad, mom, Corban and me all went for a 4 wheeler ride and got to see a black bear up close. It was cool. It was really scared of us and took off running, but it was fun to see one in the wild! Corban is still talking about it.
The mean turtle!!

Corban and Garrett with a snake they found.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Corban is potty trained!!!

I just have to write to tell everyone how proud I am of my little boy! He is completely potty trained! I have been putting it off because I didn't have the energy to do it, but then one day I decided I had to because with 2 kids I probably wouldn't have the patience. I should have started earlier because it only took him about 3 days to get the hang of it and about a week to master it. He is also waking up dry. I am just so proud of him and a little sad because he's my baby and he's growing up too fast!!