Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have been so busy doing nothing these past two months! I am finally updating my blog. So, I have posted a ton of pictures of some of the things we have been up to lately. :)

Alexander Lodge

We went to the Alexander Lodge in Virginia this past weekend. It was so much fun! Corban loved it! He caught fish, salamandors, frogs and a few snapping turtles! We heard the bears, but only Matt, Sam and her little brother saw them. Corban was disappointed. We have so much fun there! It is so nice to be there with my whole family! It's become a yearly tradition and we love it!

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Sleeping on my Grandpas!!

Jayce fell asleep on both of his grandpas just watching everyone! He must have been really comfortable because he won't do that with me! Gary and Tricia came out for a visit in May to watch Garrett graduate with his Masters degree! We had such a good time with them and we wished they could have stayed longer. Corban and Jayce love all their grandparents so much and are very lucky little boys to have such great grandparents!


Corban is almost 4 years old!! Time goes by so fast! He is so much fun to have around and keeps me laughing all day! He is such a good helper and Jayce absolutely adores him! He had his first dentist appointment last month and he did so well. He didn't even cry. Such a brave little boy! He loves to swim and will swim by himself (with his life jacket of course) in our pool and in the river when we take the boat out. He has even been asking Garrett if he can wakeboard, but I'm still too nervous to let him. He has no fear! We love him so much!


Here is a little update on Jayce. He is now 10 months old! He is crawling everywhere and up my stairs! He can stand by himself for a second, but usually just stands holding on to something with one hand. He is into everything! He is always unloading my cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. It's his favorite thing to do! He loves grilled cheese sandwiches and everything else you put in front of him. He is so sweet and fun!

Pittsburgh Zoo

We took the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo in May and they loved it! Corban loves animals so much, he didn't want to come home!

Fun Pictures

Here are just a few pictures of the boys having fun!
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