Saturday, April 25, 2009

Silly Corban!

So, tonight I am cuddled up with my little Corban watching cartoons and a barbie commercial comes on. I tease him and ask him if he wants a barbie and he says, "no, mom I'm a boy!" I said how do you know? He then tells me "because I fart, boys always fart." He's so silly! He makes me laugh all day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandma "Ranch's" Cowboy Cookies

Corban wanted to make cookies last night so we got out the Branch recipe book and I asked him what kind of cookies he wanted to make. I read him a few choices and he decided on Cowboy Cookies because he's a cowboy. I told him that this was Grandma Branch's recipe and he had me explain that. I told him that she made it up and wrote down what we were supposed to do in the book. So, we go on to make the cookies and I had just creamed the butter, eggs, and sugar and was about to add the flour when Corban got serious, looked at the recipe book and said "Mom!!! Grandma Ranch says always, always let your baby taste the cookies after it mixes, it says right here!" He's so cute! So, Sue you have to put that step in the recipe book because that's a step we can't forget! :)


I didn't get very many pictures of Easter. I know I'm terrible! :) We took the kids for an Easter egg hunt at church on Saturday before Easter. Corban had so many Easter egg hunts. He loved it!! Here are just a few pictures of the boys over the weekend. Corban got Jayce to play laser tag with him, it was so cute! They really love each other.

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More Pennsylvania Wildlife

We have a possum that comes to our house every night in search of food! It has been getting in my garbage and eating my cat's food (which I have been putting in at night). It is fun to watch it from our sliding glass doors, but I am worried it is going to hurt someone or my cats. Corban loves it, but I think it's time to do something about it. I really don't want to kill it, but I don't want it making it's home in a tree by my house and having it bite my kids. Any suggestions??????????