Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cancun Mexico!

First of all, I know there are a lot of pictures, but there were so many to choose from and I can never choose just one! My parents are so great! They took my whole family including my Dad's parents to Cancun! My little brother Matt graduated from CEU with 2 associate degrees, so we needed an excuse for some fun, so thanks Matt for all your hard work! Thanks again Mom and Dad, we had a great time!!!
Uncle Matt giving him orange pop.
Uncle Jonas wouldn't take him swimming when we first got there so he was crying.
This is at Margaritaville. He wanted to get in there.His Daddy did this. He was taking a nap so he grabbed a cerveza out of the fridge.
He saw his Dad and Uncle Matt do this on a bigger rope, but they didn't use their teeth.
He loved the parrots.
Swimming with Daddy.
Family picture.
Walking in the ocean.

Corban wanted to do this so bad!
Daddy pulling him.
Getting to be a "Tocoa baby" he can't really say his C's. We kept telling him he was a Cocoa baby
because he wasn't getting so tan.
Climbing on Papa.
Building a sandcastle with Grandma.