Monday, October 6, 2008

Garrett's first whitetail deer!

Garrett got his first whitetail deer opening day of the bow hunt. He got it in the woods behind our house and was able to come home and get a wheelbarrow to get it home. (They are smaller than mule deer.) We were all really excited, especially Corban! We gave our widow neighbor the meat and she was very grateful. So was I because I didn't want it. :) He got a good shot and said it just dropped, which I was glad it didn't suffer. My little Oreo kitty followed him and sat under his tree stand the whole time and was even there when he shot the deer. He's a good cat and just loves to be around Garrett. Garrett was afraid he would scare the deer off, but he said the deer didn't even notice Oreo. I thought that was the cutest story. When he got home Corban told Garrett he was a good "hunt". I was a little afraid to let him look, but he did just fine and was really fascinated with it all. He has now been hunting bear, deer and elk and cooking it for me. He's so sweet. :)

Garrett and his buck.

Another picture of them in the field.

In the driveway. Corban thought it was really cool.

Corban and Oreo.