Thursday, October 8, 2009

Garrett's New Project

The boys, my mom and me went to Utah for a couple of weeks. While we were gone, Garrett decided to start a new project...ALL BY HIMSELF!! We have needed a carport to cover our boat, so Garrett decided to build one while we were in Utah. I was gone for a little over 2 weeks and my AMAZING husband did this alone. I don't know how he did it, but it is awesome! Well, I guess I can't give him all the credit I heard that the cats were there trying to help, but kept getting under his feet and trying to trip him. He sure is picky with his help. :)

Before picture.

I have to laugh because these are his plans for the carport on a Sears Portrait coupon! :)

It is huge!!! We can park the boat and truck under it!


Griffiths said...

Nice Work Garrett! Heather your property is so beautiful! I would love have those georgous trees in my backyard. p.s. you came to Utah...and you didn't say hello?!? :) Hope you had fun.

Carrie said...

Way to go Garrett! That looks great!! You have a beautiful home.

Keenan said...

It's so fun to see a picture of your guys' place! And I tell you what- Atwood boys know how to get things done! :) The carport looks great!

Eric and Shell Branch said...

He did a great job! It's nice to have a handy man in the house huh!